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Replacement Ash Strat® Body in Tobacco Sunburst


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This replacement Strat® body is finished in 2 color tobacco sunburst and crafted from premium, lightweight swamp ash. It is designed as a bolt on replacement for most American Strat® guitars. Finished Strat body details:

  • Precision sprayed and detailing
  • Made from lightweight, premium grade swamp ash
  • Shimmering & durable, thin urethane finish
  • Routed for single coil
  • Pre-drilled for standard 6-hole tremolos

You will make an "Ash Kicker" of a guitar with this replacement Strat body. We used only premium, lightweight swamp ash in the construction of this body. All important holes have been drilled for out of the box action.

Ash Wood Tone: Many of the Fender guitars in the late 1960's and 70's used ash in their construction and was a major part of that old signature sound. The tone is a careful balance of brightness and warmth with a good bottom end.

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